Align table is designed for easy and quick alignment of tables. It is a transformable table accommodating one person, two-persons, or three-persons. It can be utilized in various communication settings such as training, workshops and team works. With ergonomic smooth design, it liberates users and spaces.

Intuitive folding mechanism With a hydraulic folding mechanism that can easily open and close the surface simply by operating a lever, it maximizes user convenience and space utilization.
Holes for wiring on the surface When seats are aligned facing each other to fit in a small space, these holes are used to organize cables neatly without damage or blockage (Premium type only).
Simple diagonal leg Light, diagonal leg design creates smooth expression of spaces and only takes up a small area when stored in stacks.
Caster Moving casters ensure it can be easily and quickly arranged for various situations.
Height-adjustable podium Height of upper panel is adjustable, offering a comfortable position for anyone. With a space available for organizing cables, a neat appearance can be maintained. (940~1070mm).
Self-closing shelf Only opened when needed, a self-closing shelf secures available space at knee area, which in turn provides convenience to more people.
Selective surface(premium type) Soft but strong urethane mold on surface guarantees user safety and product durability. With curved design, it creates smooth space atmosphere.
Selective surface (regular type) Rectangular, regular upper panel presents a simple line, creating a tidy and neat place.