CH6100 W

The CH6100W decorates the space gaily. Soft microfiber and solid nylon weave mesh seats ensure a comfortable and refreshing work environment.

Design & Function

Synchronized Tilt The back plate and the seat plate incline at different angles to support users.
Multi-Limited Tilting Selective range of tilting angle depending on body posture.
Depth adjustment of seat Easy adjustment of front and rear position of seat in accordance with body shape to maintain correct posture.
Seat cover accessories Depending on the individual’s taste or usage conditions, seat cover is available. * Available for purchase
Adjustable lumbar support Adjustable position of lumbar support according to user’s body. (height, depth)
Height / front / rear adjustable headrest Height and angle are easily adjustable according to body shape and posture change.
Adjustable Armrest & Urethane Arm Pad Armrests with adjustable height and angle, top-quality urethane molded arm pads that ensure softness and long durability.
Mesh material seat Mesh material with open frame structure presents refreshing usage by distributing body pressure evenly on the seat.
Chair hanger
CHA6100-W This is a hanger that can be attached to a chair to hang clothes neatly.
Fixed firing
The chair can be used as a stationary chair by replacing the wheels. (1 package of 5)