The double raschel mesh focused on the back area provides excellent ventilation and improved tension and it firmly supports the user’s back, whilst softly cushioning the shoulders to provide utmost comfort even after long hours of seating. The sandwich-structure enhances the durability of mesh for long-term use.

Design & Function

Gradation Mesh The focused gradation mesh has entirely different tension comparing with upper section and it means that the focused gradation line supports tightly user’s lumbar. Furthermore patterns of gradation bring visual comfort too.
Synchronized Tilt The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for your different postures.
Multi-limited Tilting (4 Stages) Tilting strength can be adjusted by 3.5 revolutions thanks to dial type tilting angle adjusting lever. (Only for Smart Sync Type)
Cloud Sponge Latex-like hardness cushion presents comfort seating for a long time.

Adjustable Seat Depth
By pulling out the lever under the
seat, you may adjust the depth of
your seating to fit your thigh size.

Replaceable Seat Cover Revolutionary replaceable seat cover keeps your seating always well maintained and widens color choices.

Lumbar Support The optional lumbar support gives more effective and sophisticated support to your lumbar. The lumbar support is detachable

Adjustable Armrests The armrests have two types of the fixed and the adjustable. The optional adjustable armrest supports your forearms with 2 dimensional adjustments of height and depth.

Injection Mold Plastic (PA6+GF30%) + Mesh
Injection Mold Plastic (PA6+GF30%) + Mesh
Injection Mold Plastic (P.P) + Sponge (P/U) + Fabric
Injection Mold Plastic (PA6+GF30%) + I.S.F (Integral Skin Foam)
Seat Bracket
Injection Mold Plastic (PA6+GF30%)
Backrest Post
Steel Press Machining