Stylish U shaped back view and colorful, sensual colors of EGA VISITOR series fills the drab space with freshness and dynamism. Application of the special backing material provides not only the flexibility and breathability but also the superb feeling while seated with its ergonomic design. Climaflex back presents pleasantly comfortable atmosphere with flexibility and breathability by applying the functional fabric in a sensuous U shaped design.
U-shaped Backrest Functionality and freedom of movement are expressed in visual and tactile form, through the dynamism of its shape and the elegance of its style.
Various Base Options Available in lux, sled-base, 4leg base and casters, 4leg base and glides in white shell and colorful mesh fabrics.
Leg Finishing Options Legs of all types can be selected from chrome-plated and paint specifications.
Stacking Stacking is possible to utilize the space efficiently, regardless of whether the armrest is fixed or not. (Lux type excluded / up to 4 chairs)