The EXPACE office furniture features the
“Spine” panel, a new design concept that
houses numerous network wires and cables
neatly inside the Spine panels. This Spinebased system serves as a backbone for flexible
office layouts, freely accommodating desks,
shelves, low walls, storage cabinets and other
accessories. Desks and cabinet units can be
arranged as needed without wire and cable

The spine does much more than run wires or cables
through a partition; the panels provide independent
access to electrical power and computer networks.
The spine system enhances IT utilization in the offices
of today’s information society. Also, personal space is
added to the open-plan office layout.

The spine comes with two types of legs; one with a leg on one side and the
other with on legs both sides. The former as shown in a picture #2 allows
the panel to be placed next to a wall or walkway, enhancing space
utilization efficiency.

The spine panels are highly stable, free-standing and easy to connect in a line

Spine(In IT office) 

The spine panels house numerous cables and provide secure access to electrical power and the computer network, serving as the backbone of the office wiring system. The desks as well as other office furniture can be positioned as desired, allowing for maximum IT utilization.

Each spine panel features a 110mm (41 /4″) wide holder to organize wires and cables neatly inside. The wires can run through either horizontally or vertically.

Spine(In open plan office)

The spine panels that make up the wiring system
backbone are also the spatial boundaries in the openplan office. Desks and other furniture can be laid out in
various configurations within this framework;
the workspace is structured yet can be altered as needed.

The belt tiles, which are made of high precision injection molded plastic, are easily detachable to facilitate cable management.

The Pre-coated metal(PCM) finishing tile is attached to on the lower part of the panel with magnets for easy installation and maintenance. 

The spine also comes with attachable shelves to hold office machines, books or other items, ensuring additional independent space. 

The spine’s attachable shelves are solidly secured with die-cast aluminum brackets that also look great. 


The typical desk is cluttered with various cords that plug the
computer, keyboard and other equipment into the power
source. The EXPACE environment is uncluttered.
In addition, the EXPACE desk can be moved easily at any
time. The diverse wires and cables are all centrally organized
inside the spine, while the office equipment, books and
documents are placed on shelves that are attached to the
spine. The spine remains stationary, while the desks and
tables can be positioned in numerous ways, allowing the
office space to be rearranged quickly and easily.

The aluminum legs are attached without having the bolts exposed. The appearance is simple yet sophisticated. 

Privacy can be maintained for any layout configuration, as a screen can be attached on the desk worktop and a modesty panel can be added when necessary.

The desk and shelves attached to the spine are of different heights, letting the user increase or reduce the work surface as needed. A cushioning material covers the underside of the shelf brackets to minimize impact with the desk. 

Storage Unit 1
(Storage cart / Combination unit / Wardrobe)

The various storage units included in the EXPACE series
provide each workstation with sufficient room for effective
data management. Work organization and productivity are
enhanced as a result. The storage units can be combined to
accommodate specific work requirements and conditions.
Work surfaces and individual unit size can be arranged to
maximize storage efficiency

A handy tray for stationary is placed on the top front corner of the 3-drawer
storage cart. The tray is covered in translucent plastic, which adds an
attractive touch while adequately concealing the contents inside. The top
has raised edges to secure items placed there.

The combination unit consists of drawers and shelves, and the storage area is extended vertically to maximize office space utilization.

The lower drawers of the combination unit can be locked safely and neatly from the shelf compartment above. Operation is neat and safe.

The spine is fixed by an extra bracket, so the unit can not be tipped over.

Storage Unit 2
(Overhead cabinet / Common-use cabinet)

The EXPACE series has various storage units. The overhead
cabinets expand the spine vertically allowing greater
privacy. The common-use cabinets, meanwhile, extend the
spine horizontally to provide the office with ample storage
space and to help mark out individual work areas.

One overhead cabinet offers storage space as well as a magnetic board for users on both sides. The cover material is available in various colors, providing a selection of accent colors to enhance the office decor

The elegance of the 2 and 3-high
cabinets is enhanced by rounded
aluminum protectors on the corners.
The hinges are mounted inside, and
are not visible when the doors are
closed for a neat look.

The simply designed handle is outfitted with a gentle lifting mechanism for greater user convenience.

Side Panel, Screen & Worktool

The spine constitutes the basic spatial boundaries, and side panels can be attached to the spine to subdivide the space. Screens are also available for both the spine and desks to increase the degree of privacy for individual users. The EXPACE work tool boasts a sophisticated design and handy functions to enhance office work convenience.

The extruded aluminum frames meet at a 45° angle, and the separate parts
assemble without exposing bolts. The corners are nicely finished to boost
the elegant appearance.

The side panels are attached to the spine with pivoting connectors, so the angle can be adjusted as needed.

The screens are affixed to the spine’s aluminum frame with die-cast brackets. They remain solidly in place and look stylish, elevating the effective height of the spine panel.

The accessory panel can hold various items and serve as a magnetic board. It can be installed on the spine panel, spine screen or desk screen for enhanced utility

Executive Extra

In addition to the spine, partition panels, side cabinets and conference tables are available to provide extra elegance to special office spaces such as senior executive offices, conference rooms and customer reception rooms. 

The side and back panels of the side cabinet extend above the top to secure items such as books or office equipment. The shelf doors slide open and shut smoothly and effortlessly.

The round table, designed for small meetings, is mounted on casters to facilitate mobility.

Variety of Compositions

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