FLIGHT is a weight sensitive tilting mechanism that detects the user’s weight and adjusts the tilting intensity of the backrest accordingly to provide a snug fit for the user. Additionally, intuitive function and a flexible structure support correct posture and make it easy and convenient to use with minimal operation.


Use in Various SpacesResponds flexibly to all movement and can be used in a variety of spaces, including the work space, meeting spaces and more.

Two Types of Backrest DesignThere are two types of backrest: the FLIGHT is a flexible back support with ergonomic patterns and the mesh backrest with good elasticity and ventilation.

flexible back chair

This is a ‘weight-sensitive tilt’ chair that detects the user’s weight and adjusts the tilt strength of the backrest appropriately, providing a tilting feeling that is just right for the user.

※ Representative image is CH4800X / 453 colors

Simple design that goes well anywhereThe minimalist design of Flight goes well with work spaces, conference spaces, and home offices, and its soft, headless design matches well with a variety of interiors.

Synchronized tiltingThis ergonomically designed technology allows the seat and back to tilt at different angles when the user leans on the chair, and the chair is linked to the movements of the human body, providing a more comfortable sitting experience.

Weight-sensitive tilting mechanismThis is a mechanism that detects the user’s weight and automatically adjusts the tilting strength without any additional manipulation. As you lean against the backrest, the lighter your weight, the weaker the tension becomes, and the heavier it is, the stronger it becomes, providing a comfortable sitting experience from the moment you sit down.

Easy tilt operationYou can use the backrest by fixing it with a simple operation. Raising the lever at the bottom left of the seat will fix the backrest, and pulling the lever down will activate the tilting function.

Airy backingWind passes naturally through the cut lines on the back, making it comfortable to sit for long periods of time.

Three-dimensional comfort of flexible back panelThe flexible back panel is composed of ① Lumbar zone, which effectively supports the lumbar spine, ② Bucket zone, which gently wraps the back, and ③ Flex zone, which flexibly responds to the user’s movements. The incision lines are composed of different thicknesses and densities. It has excellent fit and provides three-dimensional comfort to the user.

Seat design that distributes the loadThe seat frame structure with cut lines that take the user’s movements into account supports the body weight in a balanced manner, allowing users to maintain comfort even when sitting for long periods of time.

Intuitive LeverThe lever, which has improved grip and usability, is located right at the bottom of the seat to improve usability and visibility.
A. Height adjustment
B. Tilting on/off

injection molding plastic
Injection molded plastic + molded sponge + fabric
elbow rest
injection molding plastic
injection molding plastic
central pole
Injection molded plastic + steel body + sealed gas regulation (120G, BK, 120mm)
Injection molded plastic (690 each base)
Injection molded plastic (Ø65_22) + steel shaft
The above information may change slightly due to product research and development.