The FRX series blends straight and curved lines in a minimalist style. The combination type (Curved configuration) allows you to configure your layout freely with a variety of tabletop options. The FRX conference system provides you with exceptional flexibility.
Each unit consists of two sockets and two LAN ports. A clamp facilitates installation and removal for maximum user convenience.
The ducts are a neat and easy way to connect and lay out the necessary wiring to support your conference activities.
The unconventional fabric modesty panels are available in an assortment of colors, and the corners have been rounded off for an enhanced appearance. The fabric is easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
The end modesty panel ensures personal privacy when the conference modules are configured in a Open-ended layout.


Combining type / Straight-line configuration
· The dimensions refer to the floor space needed to accommodate each conference system.
· They include a 1,200mm wide access space around the periphery.
· Individual modules may not be used alone; they must be combined together.
· The combined conference system is always laid out in a counterclockwise direction.
· The corner shape module only connects with the rectangular shape module.
· Among the adders, the rectangular shape module may also be used as a point module.