The restyled ITIS2 series feature stylish lines for a modern
look. The backrest with urethane-mesh finish provides
optimal support, and various adjustable settings quickly
and easily make the chair conform to any body type.
Ergonomics and aesthetics are both prominent aspects
of this great chair.

Mesh Back Mesh, which is made of mole and urethane, has very soft feel as well as being elastic and durable.

Adjustable Headrest
Ergonomically designed, while
supporting one’s head comfortably,
the headrest is height and angle
adjustable according to the
user’s body shape and posture.
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Synchronized Tilt
The synchronized tilt system helps
users to maintain a comfortable
working posture. A locking position
can be maintained at various
positions from upright to declined.

Lumbar Support
The ergonomic lumbar support
can be easily adjusted according
to the user’s body shape in order
to support the user’s lumbar area
posture in seating.

head rest
Engineering plastic (PA6) + sponge (P/U) + artificial leather
Engineering plastic (PA6) + urethane mesh
Injection molded plastic (PP) + sponge (P/U) + cloth
elbow rest
Urethane arm pad + injection molded plastic (PA6)
engineering plastics
central pole
Injection molded plastic + steel body + sealed gas regulation
Coil spring (SWC) + steel exterior + plastic parts
lumbar support
Engineering plastic (PA6) + foamed urethane