With its modern, square-type dual structure, edge details; MONARCH series combines elegant wood with champagne gold color to perfect your space in elegant style. 

Front of desk comes attached with a fine wood front panel that has horizontal lines on it. It creates a distinguished, elegant business space.

Regardless of the direction, the cover allows you to access the outlet and communication line conveniently in both directions.

The damping function relieves the impact and prevents noise and damage to the product.

Major work surface of desk is finished in premium, latest technology microfiber leather to provide an elegant look and smooth touch. Sliding-type cable duct allows easy access to cables.

Inside the wardrobe, luxury accessories such as mirrors, hangers, and tie hanger have been applied.


Handle with simple design and metallic material adds up the luxurious atmosphere.

Frosted glass allows you to see stored contents. The combination of gold frame and frosted glass creates a smooth look. 

Push-open mechanism of the door makes it easy to open by pressing the door lightly.

Item List

Item List