This is the Nuo series for executives who value practicality. With a slim design faithful to the essence of the chair, it is a reasonable chair that harmonizes the functionality of an office chair and the sophisticated image of an executive chair.
Minimalist design Unnecessary designs are minimized to bring comfort to the user with faithful design to the essence.

Tilting & Locking When the chair is tilted back, it can be fixed in the desired position.

Auto return cylinder With a state-of-the-art mechanism that not only rotates but also restores height, it can freely rotate to a height that fits the body shape during a meeting, and it is restored to its standard position and height when standing up. *CH5321 model only

Back stitch
Delicate sewing stitches are added
to the back of the chair for a sense
of luxury.

CH5301Z Mid Back

CH5321Z Mid Back
·Auto Return Cylinder 

Artificial Leather