The S-Curve shape of the back panel minimizes the burden on the lower back and the dynamic fitting back system that allows you to adjust the curvature of the back panel to suit the shape of your back, providing comfort tailored to the user.

Dynamic fitting back systemYou can adjust the curve of the chair’s back to suit the shape of the user’s back. The curved back panel effectively supports the lower back and helps the spine form an S shape.

Synchronized tiltingWith ergonomically designed technology, when the user leans on the chair, the seat and back tilt at different angles, and the chair is linked to the movements of the human body, providing a more comfortable sitting experience.

Tilting intensity adjustment (back tension intensity adjustment)By pulling out and turning the lever at the bottom right of the seat while sitting, you can adjust the tension when leaning on the back to suit your weight and preference. Turning the dial in the + direction makes the tension stronger, and turning it in the – direction makes it weaker.

Multi-limited tilting

This function allows the backrest to tilt only at the 5-level angle set by the user. This allows you to adjust the maximum lying angle and maximum standing angle to reduce back strain and maintain a comfortable posture.

Multi-limited tilting range adjustmentYou can adjust the tilt range of the backrest step by step by turning the lower left lever of the seat.

adjustable seat
The depth and angle adjustment function of the seat allows you to use the chair to suit your body type and posture. By pulling the lever at the bottom of the seat, you can adjust the depth of the seat to suit your leg length, and by adjusting the angle of the seat, you can keep your back in an S shape without having to lean back. This provides a more comfortable and stable seating experience.
adjustable armrests
If you properly adjust the height, angle, and forward/backward position, the line from the elbow to the shoulder naturally flows, providing comfort to the shoulder and neck. It has a soft texture and is comfortable to use.

adjustable headrestThe height and angle-adjustable headrest supports your neck and helps you maintain good posture.

Leather back seatYou can choose between natural leather or artificial leather, which has a soft and sophisticated feel, depending on your taste and use. Fursys’ natural leather has excellent breathability and feel, while artificial leather is resistant to contamination and is easy to care for.

aluminum legs

The aluminum legs, which are precisely cast through die casting, have excellent durability and corrosion resistance, allowing for long-term use and creating a more sophisticated and luxurious image.
Injection Mold Plastic + Molded Sponge + Artificial Leather
Injection Mold Plastic + Slab Sponge + Fabric
Injection Mold Plastic + Molded Sponge + Fabric
Urethane Arm Pad + Injection Mold Plastic + Aluminum Frame
Injection Mold Plastic
Gas Cylinder
Injection Mold Plastic + Steel Exterior + Closed Gas Control
Compressed Coil Spring + Aluminum Components + Plastic Components
Injection Mold Plastic + Steel Axis