SETINA series provides a simple design to create a more open space. SETINA is perfect for those who consider practical value over authority and choose to be different in style. 

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Wire management can be done neatly, and the cover with bumper closes smoothly and silently. * Media power strip: LAN (2holes) + MEDIA (SOUND, RGB, HDMI) + USB (4holes) 

The corner of the surface is rounded to provide a safe and soft design. The matte with a textured finish and the open pore style finishes the atmosphere to create a sensuous atmosphere. 

The drawer with castors can be moved freely.


A pen tray can be installed at the bottom of the surface to organize writing instruments and items.

Metallic material and simple embossed round handle completes its sensible design.

Push-open mechanism of the door makes it easy to open by pressing the door lightly.

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