T50-CHN4300 EX

It is an executive chair with high performance that perfectly responds to changes in the user’s posture and is surprisingly easy to operate.
S-curve back design undefinedThe back plate is designed in an S shape, which is the natural shape of the spine, to properly distribute the weight and support theundefined back naturally.
Synchronized tilting Ergonomically designed. When the user leans back on the chair, the seat and backrest tilt at different angles, and the chair moves close to the movement of the human body, providing a more comfortable seating experience
Adjust tilting strength (adjust backrest tension strength) If you turn the lever on the bottom right of the seat while sitting, you can adjust the tension of the backrest to suit your weight and preference. Turning the dial in the + direction makes the tension stronger, and turning it in the – direction makes it weaker.
Multi-limited tilting This is a function that allows the backrest to be tilted at an angle set by the user in 5 steps. This allows you to adjust the maximum lying angle and maximum standing angle to reduce back strain and maintain a comfortable posture.
Step-by-step multi-limit tilting range adjustment You can adjust the tilt range of the backrest step by step by turning the lever at the bottom left of the seat.

Adjustable lumbar support (optional)The upgraded lumbar support is adjustable in height and depth to provide a stable seating experience. It gently supports the lumbar spine and provides a comfortable seatingĀ experience.

Adjustable seat You can use the chair to suit your body shape and posture by adjusting the depth and angle of the seat. You can adjust the depth of the seat according to the length of your legs by pulling the lever at the bottom of the seat board. By adjusting the angle of the seat, you can keep your back in an S shape without leaning back. This provides a more comfortable and stable seating experience. * Seat width adjustment range: about 75mm
Pro-tension mesh with breathability and elasticity The protection mesh is a mesh containing highly elastic elastomer, which not only circulates air but also supports the back more elastically. It is durable and can be used for a long time without change.
Adjustable head restraints The height and angle-adjustable headrest supports your neck to keep you in good posture.
Adjustable armrest The armrests are adjustable in height, angle, and fore-and-aft position for comfortable use. In addition, the surface of the armrest is made with a soft texture for excellent usability.
Natural leather seat The natural leather seat, which is breathable and provides a natural texture and soft feel, is made using raw hides produced by world-class companies and processed using the processing method that best expresses the characteristics of raw hides.
Replaceable seat cover If the seat becomes dirty, the cover can be easily removed and replaced using Velcro. Also, dry cleaning ensures that the chair is always as clean as new.
Aluminum legs Die-casting aluminum legs are durable. This creates a more sophisticated and luxurious image.