Compact design and classic color of ZIEL series enhances the value of space and provides modern design sensibilities. ZIEL presents full comfort while seated via its double structured seat which consist of memory foam material.
Synchronized Tilt The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for your different postures.
Multi Limited Tilt More advanced than tilt angle locker, this 4 steps multi limiter helps you control over your maximum levels of tilt angles depending on your preferred working postures.
Tilting Intensity Adjustment Easy control lever adjusts tilting intensity by rotating up to 2.5 turns.
Dual Structure Seat Seat cushion consist of Memory Form and Antibacterial High Elastic Sponge embraces your body and ensures utmost pleasant feel even over long seating hours.
Lumbar Support The lumbar support gives more effective and sophisticated support to your lumbar. By adjusting each handle on the backrest, you may find its best spot for your lumbar support
Adjustable Headrest The headrest minimized pressures on your neck disks with features of height and angle adjustments giving a support to either your neck area or head depending on the angle you set
Urethane Molding Armpad & Adjustable Armrest The 3 dimensionally adjustable armrest supports your forearms and vouches for silky touch and long-term durability by installing the highest class urethane molding armpad

The Ultimate Sync Teak that Fits Your Body’s Movements 

When you lean back in a chair, your hips slide, leaving a gap of about 16mm or more between the backrest and your body. However, ZIEL minimizes this gap to 3.2mm, allowing the backrest to conform to your body during various movements, giving you the comfort of a smooth-moving recliner.

Injection Mold Plastic + Polyelastomer Mesh/Sponge + Fabric
Injection Mold Plastic + Molded Sponge + Memory Foam + Fabric
Aluminum Die Casting Bracket + Urethane Arm Pad + Injection Mold Plastic
Engineered Injection Mold Plastic (PA6+GF30%)
Gas Cylinder
Injection Mold Plastic + Steel Exterior + Closed Gas Control
Compressed Coil Spring + Aluminum Components + Plastic Components + Steel Components
Injection Mold Plastic+ Nylon + Steel Axis
The above information may be partially changed due to research and development of the product.